The QHS promise

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Client Portfolio

Established customer base of clients that trust our expertise and receommendations throughout the hemp industry.


Successful Orders

Brokering and distributing a large hemp transaction is not an easy feat to accomplish.  Our proven track record of business speaks for itself.


Across the USA

Hemp distribution varies per state.  The legalities are different as you move throughout the United States, ask us about your individual regulations before ordering.


In All 50 States

There is state and federal level legislation that effects how you can buy and sell industrial hemp.  Be sure to check your regulations and ask our experienced team for more info!


POised to be an industry leader in 2021.

QHS Stamp of Approval

All batch orders are inspected by our quality hemp team, and a final stamp of approval is needed by the CEO prior to shipment.

What our members say

A business means nothing without the recommendation of it's customers. There a few client testimonials below as well as may more upon request.

"Justin and his team have supplied us some of the best hemp flower we have found in the entire market. Our needs have changed from order to order, and he has always been able to come through with quality products."
Sandy Löfgren

" QHS has the best hemp flower in the entire market . "

" Quality Hemp Source approached us at our business with samples of the best flower we've seen. We made a purchase of 30 pounds, and the quality remained true throughout the entire batch. "
Rebeca Bengts

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